At Mad Hatter DeZign, we genuinely care about the health & safety of our friends, family, customers & guests.


COVID-19 continues to be a growing concern around the world and here, in the U.S.  We wanted to reach out to you, as part of our Mad Hatter family, and let you know that your wellbeing is our number one priority.  Like other businesses, we are monitoring & following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).


Currently, we don’t anticipate any major service delays or disruptions.  Some of our pre-order items may have an ETA a bit later than originally posted but we will get these items to you as fast as we can.  Below, you'll find a list of items & their updated ETAs.

Our online store will be available 24/7.  Our brick & mortar boutique will be opening on Saturday, March 21st - as long as nothing happens between now and then.


Evidence is showing the virus doesn’t live long on clothing.  If you would like to take extra precautions, wash your items when you received them (normal washing will kill any possibility of the virus).  Most of our items are from before the outbreak of this virus but our pre-order items are in the shipping process now.


If we receive any major updates on shipping we’ll send out a new update.  Otherwise, feel free to check the website (in a few days) for minor updates.  As always, you can also email us.

Mad Hatter DeZign

Hattie Zwolinski, owner/designer

Coronavirus Concerns & Updates

Shipping/ETA Updates:


  • Air Force

  • Army

  • Daisy Dots

  • Marines

  • Navy

  • Prism Cow

  • Prism Elephant

  • Prism Shark

  • Prism Turtle Capris

  • Psychedelic Geckos

  • Time Spent With Dogs

  • Cherry Blossom Capris

  • Sunflower Doodles

ETA: early/mid April

  • Bubble Magic

  • Can't Touch This

  • Fabulous Flock

  • Lotus Flower

  • Night Howls

  • Plaid Fishing

  • Spring Plaid Paws

  • Swirls Light Purple

  • Twinkle Stars

  • Water Can Bouquet

  • Prism Turtle Leggings

  • Baseball Junkie

  • Dog Mom Splash

  • Fancy Chick

  • Grandma Splash

  • Jeep Girl

  • Lavender Love

  • Mom Splash

  • River Gypsy

  • Scratch Art

ETA: mid/late April

  • Beach Girl

  • Dainty Daisy Purple

  • Dragonfly Dreams

  • Floral Flutter

  • Floral Fusion

  • Lake Gypsy

  • Simple Flowers Black

  • Simple Flowers Pink

  • Simple Flowers Yellow

  • Summer Sun

  • Turtle Power


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